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Core Beliefs

  • People are the center of our Union.

  • Our Union can always be perfected. 

  • There is value and dignity in all human beings.

  • Ensuring liberty and justice for all is our collective responsibility as citizens.

  • Systemic barriers to equal access, opportunity, and treatment under the law must be addressed.

  • All people can thrive with the right investments in their success.


HEALTH CARE - No one should have to think twice about seeking medical attention for a health concern due to accessibility, quality, or cost.  I support efforts to:

  • Fully implement the Affordable Care Act through Medicaid expansion

  • Protect reproductive choice

  • Prevent maternal mortality

  • Increase availability of health facilities in rural areas

  • Lift restrictions on the scope of practice for Advanced Practice Nurses

  • Statewide public health campaigns with a focus on nutrition, exercise, and medical advocacy

HOUSING - Besides fulfilling a basic human need for shelter, affordable housing is fundamental to physical and mental health, childhood development, financial independence, stability, and economic security.  In Gwinnett County, 39% of households spend more than 30% of income on housing costs. I support efforts to:

  • Make housing affordable through down payment assistance, rent-to-own programs, and regulating institutional purchasing of residential property

  • Close gaps in homeownership by through transparency and equity in mortgage lending

  • Address homelessness through "housing first" solutions, long-term programs, and community partnership

EDUCATION - Over 50% of the state's budget is spent on Education and yet, there are students who do not have the resources they need, teachers who remain underpaid and unsupported, and schools that are not fully funded. I support efforts to: 

  • Improve educational equity to foster learning environments that promote excellence for all

  • Develop statewide, robust K-12 Civics Education Program

  • Increase high school and college graduation rates for students of color

  • Promote non-traditional pathways to teacher certification, recruitment, and retention

  • Expand access to early learning programs for all families

In addition to the priorities above, I support efforts to raise minimum wage, protect voting rights, transform policing, and prevent gun violence

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