Core Beliefs

  • People are the center of our Union.

  • Our Union can always be perfected. 

  • There is value and dignity in all human beings.

  • Ensuring liberty and justice for all is our collective responsibility as citizens.

  • Systemic barriers to equal access, opportunity, and treatment under the law must be addressed.

  • All people can thrive with the right investments in their success.


No one should have to think twice about seeking medical attention for a health concern due to accessibility or cost.  I support a public healthcare option that is free and accessible to all, women's reproductive rights, advanced efforts to prevent maternal mortality, improvements in the quality of healthcare, and investing in initiatives to improve public health.



Besides fulfilling a basic human need for shelter, affordable housing is fundamental to physical and mental health, childhood development, financial independence, stability, and economic security.  In Gwinnett County, 39% of households spend more than 30% of income on housing costs.  I support efforts to prioritize affordable housing solutions and to promote long-term, upward socioeconomic mobility.


I support efforts to improve educational equity and to foster learning environments that promote excellence for all.  I also support efforts to increase high school and college graduation rates, provide school choice options, promote non-traditional pathways to teacher certification, lower college student loan debt, and to expand access to early learning for all families.


Homeless populations are one of the most vulnerable groups in society.  I support "housing first" efforts with comprehensive services to provide stability and security to homeless individuals, and public-private partnerships as a means to build the infrastructure for bringing an end to homelessness to scale.


The rising cost of living, compounded by the cost of healthcare and childcare, creates circumstances that are unnecessarily difficult to overcome for a full-time worker earning minimum wage.  I support efforts to raise minimum wage, to increase earned-income tax credits, and to advance pay equity.  


Environmental progress is required to sustain economic progress.   As such, I support efforts to promote health and sustainable development, manage waste, regulate and reduce pollution, preserve natural resources, and to protect wildlife and endangered species. 

Endorsements and Distinctions
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